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About Us

As a provider of cutting-edge comprehensive educational services, Brands Education introduces all categories of books/e-books from the most well reputed publishers in the world. We also provide a whole set of distant learning solutions including, predesigned self-study courses, blended courses, and customized courses upon request.

We managed to solve one of the most consuming issues that parents face at the beginning of every academic year, which is buying school curricula for their kids including Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary and High School. We’ve concluded partnerships with selected schools to assign them webpages of their own on our platform to provide their curricula to students categorized by Grades (K-12), once a Grade is clicked by parents, they can order all curricula of that Grade in one package.

Brands Education is based in Saudi Arabia with regional and international MOUs. Our administration is a highly qualified team of young and enthusiastic professionals who represent our brand identity through outcomes effectiveness and customers satisfaction. we retain customers rather than just selling our products to them.

Our vision goes way beyond the benchmark of services against profitability. We encourage customers to perceive how our products/services were useful to them. Brands education business model is based on convenience, effectiveness, and everlasting relationships with customers.